With our services now limited to just home deliveries, we thought we’d give you an update on seasonal developments here at the centre… some inspiration and ideas for your own garden, a space now more important then ever to us all, and destined to be over the coming weeks, maybe months.

Our first bedding and patio plant packs are now ready for £3.20 each, including Sweet peas (9-pack), Argyranthemums, Geraniums, Verbena, Aramis, Helichrysum (list regularly changing/added to as our stock becomes ready in the nursery).

Geranium bedding plants at Trevena Cross Aramis Pink Eye at Trevena Cross Argyranthemums at Trevena Cross
Our first Trio Pots (3 plants, 1 pot) are also now available for £2.50 each. A popular winner every spring, they offer an easy colour coordinated display all summer long!

Trio pots at Trevena Cross

Our first veg packs are also now available for £2.75 each. You will need to call for the latest availability before placing an order, but to give you an idea, we had cut & come again salad, lettuce, petis posi (flower sprouts), broad beans, and watercress fresh down from the nursery before our unfortunate closure.

Flower sprout petit posi at Trevena Cross lettuce at Trevena Cross watercress at Trevena Cross

We also have plenty of herbs available in various sizes – small herbs just £2.00 each and one litre size £3.50 each or £3.00 each when you buy five or more – please ask for current availability.

The first tomato plants are ready, priced at £1.20 each. These include, Gardener’s Delight, Moneymaker, Shirley and Sweet Million. We will update this list as other varieties become available through the season.

We of course also have a huge range of hedging, shrubs, perennials and trees also available for delivery – please let us know your wish list and we’ll do our best. Or let us pick for you!..let us know your budget and the site/soil type/aspect and the space you’d like to fill and our plant experts can fill it for you with the best possible selection. Our bargain 2ltr perennial offer could also help you fill some space in the garden for summer – 5 for just £10 (£2 each when you buy 5 or more). Let us pick five (or more) of the best for you and have them delivered to your door!

It’s also a big time for seed sowing – we have plenty of seeds in the shop as well as all of the accompanying sundries – including this year, fully recyclable seed tray inserts, as used by ourselves for all bedding/patio/veg packs. Seed potatoes (£3.99 per bag) and summer flowering bulbs are also still up for grabs.

And what to plant it all in?

Our personal favourite compost for seed sowing, pricking out and potting, and the one used by us in the nursery for veg, bedding and perennial seed sowing is Humax Original (60ltr), available at £6.99 per bag. Our top recommended composts and accompanying prices can be found on our compost page.

On top of these options we also have a standard large multipurpose (100ltr) available for £6.99 per bag and a 60ltr bag available on a 3 for £12 multi-buy (£6.99 each).

Top soil is available in a 35ltr bag for £4.99 (buy two, get one free).

And don’t forget to add a great quality slow release fertiliser into the planting hole when planting for the season – Trevena Cross General Fertiliser is available in 2.5kg tubs for £16.50. Just a small handful will keep most standard shrubs, pots/troughs of bedding/patio plants etc well fed for an entire growing season!… offering excellent value for money. Other fertiliser makes and sizes also available – please ask when placing your order.

While we can’t welcome you to the garden centre at the moment, we’re still welcoming telephone orders for delivery, (call 01736 763880) and still growing on and looking after the vast range of plants in the nursery – they still need watering and nurturing. We can ensure the same great quality of springs past, all grown right here on site in the nursery! You can still shop local and be sure of ‘safe’ home delivery while we all take refuge in our ‘safe spaces’. We need our gardens more than ever so let’s do what we can – let’s enjoy them and make the most of what we have during these difficult times.

*Read about daily FREE deliveries west of Truro, on orders over £50*