Choosing the right compost for your plants at Trevena Cross

Choosing the right compost from such a big range can be a minefield. We’d therefore like to share some of our top recommendations with you based on our own personal growing experiences, both in the nursery and a variety of gardens.

Click here to see a list of the composts we stock, or read on for more information. Please note, this list does not guarantee availability – stock levels are constantly changing, and during the busy season, stock often depletes more quickly than we (and our suppliers) can replenish it. If you are planning on making a special journey for something specific, please check with us first.  

Peat-Free Compost

Trevena Cross Owner Graham believes wholeheartedly in the quality of the peat-free Melcourt Sylvagrow range of composts. The demand for peat-free composts is increasing. This professional grade compost was originally trialled by Graham and his nursery team for their own planting of cuttings and for potting up, in the nursery. The growing results for our own Trevena Cross plant stocks were so impressive that Graham decided it should be made available to Trevena Cross customers to take home.

We have a greater choice of peat-free options this year, than we have ever had previously. We also stock Harmony Gardens, Bulrush and CoCo & Bloom peat free options.

Melcourt Sylvagrow Multipurpose (50ltr bag) £9.50
This sustainable, peat-free compost is the only brand to receive the ‘Which? Best Buy’ accolade in at least five consecutive reports from Which? Gardening, making it the one to beat! It is an ideal peat-free option for a wide range of garden applications, including potting on and planting out non-permanent plantings.

sylvagrow multipurpose compost

Melcourt Sylvagrow with added John Innes (50ltr bag) £9.50
An ideal peat-free option for more permanent planting of shrubs and perennials.

Sylvagrow with added John Innes

Melcourt Sylvagrow Organic (50ltr bag) £9.50
Based on a formula used by professional organic growers throughout the UK. Contains organic fertilisers and seaweed meal for excellent growth and disease resistance. Very versatile, great for seeds, potting on, planting out, in containers or in a growbag.

sylvagrow organic compost

Peat Based Compost

We stock a range of peat based and reduced peat composts and growing media, including a range of options from my Evergreen and Greendays.

Evergreen peat reduced compost Greendays 25 litre John Innes No3 Compostevergreen multipurpose compost

Trevena Cross is the stockist of a wide range of composts, top soils, sands and barks. We aim to offer affordability for all of our customers and cater to all gardener needs and budgets.

Click here to see a list of the composts we stock.

If you find choosing the right compost daunting, come into the store for free advice from our friendly team of plant experts and gardeners.