Seed Potatoes

Grow your Own… Seed Potatoes! See below for an extensive list of the new stock of seed potatoes we currently have available at Trevena Cross:


ARRAN PILOT – RECOMMENDED – a popular one for garden growing, Arran Pilot produces high yields of excellent tasting, white skinned, disease resistant tubers with wonderful white flesh – one of the best boilers available! Grown by Graham in his tunnel for the very first earlies

CASABLANCA – New white skinned, first early. Edible sized crops can be achieved in 62 days! Great for boiling, baking, chips and mashing

DUKE OF YORK – An oval, cream coloured, waxy potato, ideal for baking like its red relative, or for roasting

EPICURE – Producing high yields of floury tubers, this is one of the best tasting first earlies, great for boiling, in salads and for mashing

FOREMOST – A firm, white fleshed tasty potato, with good common scab resistance and a floury texture making it a great for boiling or baking, or in salads

HOME GUARD – AN OLD FAVOURITE – a very early variety that produces good yields. It has good resistance to common scab, and is great for boiling, baking, roasting, and making chips with. Very popular with Trevena Cross customers it is always one of the first to sell out

INTERNATIONAL KIDNEY – RECOMMENDED – A superb second early or maincrop potato that can be started earlier indoors in a greenhouse. A selection of this distinctive variety is grown on Jersey and marketed as the well-known and extremely popular ‘Jersey Royal’

LADY CHRISTL – A great early variety that produces good yields, and has good resistance to common scab. Great for salads, boiling and chips

MARIS BARD – A very early, heavy cropping variety with good drought and common scab resistance. White tubers with a traditional ‘potato taste’. Good for salads as a boiling potato. Holds its shape well

PENTLAND JAVELIN – A soft waxy texture makes this white skinned and white fleshed variety a great one for salads

PREMIERE – Great all-round, disease resistant potato – a high yielding variety suited to organic growing. Ideal for salad, boiling, baking, roasting and chips!

RED DUKE OF YORK – One of few red skinned first earlies, it has a fine flavour and is great for baking, and as chips once a mature potato

ROCKET – Large crops of uniformed round tubers, white fleshed and white skinned, ideal for salad and boiling

SHARPES EXPRESS – Long and oval, lemon coloured flesh with a high dry matter suitable for boiling, roasting and chips

SWIFT – Yielding a very early crop (within 60 days), this variety has a creamy, waxy flesh and a delicate, sweetish taste

WINSTON – A versatile, tasty variety with creamy flesh, which makes a great masher and baker once the skins have set.

Look out for ‘second earlies’ coming soon…followed by ‘maincrops’!