Buy Flowering Bulbs Seasonally at Trevena Cross

Starting at less than £4.00 per pack, bulbs offer a very affordable way to bring fabulous colour to the garden during the spring and summer! And the great news is, there’s a feast of flower type and colour combinations to consider and deliberate over…

Reminding us of the changing garden landscape over the months and seasons, bulbs bring something special to the garden or home space. We have a wide range of flowering bulbs suitable for planting in tubs, pots, beds and borders available to buy seasonally.

With a little forward planning, spring and summer flowering bulbs offer an injection of colour into the garden each year. A welcome first sign of seasonal changes and the garden awakening in the spring and then hotting up in the summer.

Spring flowering bulbs like Daffodils/Narcissus and Tulips are usually available in the shop mid-late August each year, ready for you to take home and plant in the autumn. Depending on the variety, these bulbs usually begin erupting as we approach springtime – with some of the earliest, the popular Daffodils/Narcissus looking stunning around early March here in Cornwall (sometimes earlier if the weather is mild).

Summer flowering bulbs like Alliums, Lilies and Gladiolus tend to arrive in the shop from January each year ready for you to take home and plant by early spring. Eruptions of colour can be expected early through to late summer, depending on the varieties you choose. Popular onion and garlic bulbs are also stocked seasonally at the garden centre; available in the shop alongside the flowering bulbs.

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