Choosing the right fertiliser for your plants at Trevena Cross.

Trevena Cross plants fed with Trevena Cross Fertiliser

There are a wide variety of slow release and soluble liquid fertilisers on the market, made by a wide range of well-known and smaller brands. Knowing where to start when it comes to choosing the right fertiliser for your plants can be a challenge. We don’t think you can go far wrong with our own Trevena Cross Fertiliser which we’ve created with our decades of expertise and experience.

*Please note:- Trevena Cross General Fertiliser is currently out of stock but we hope to have more back in soon. We do have other off-the-shelf plant fertilisers from reputable brands available in the shop, including Miracle-Gro Premium All-Purpose granules or tablets (feeds your plants for 6mths) or Neudorff Organic Multipurpose Plant Food (feeds your plants for 3-4mths)*  

Trevena Cross Fertiliser Story

After frequently seeing customers’ pots suffering a lack of nutrition, Graham the Trevena Cross owner was motivated to create a ‘no-hassle’ feeding option for customers. Graham developed his own specially blended Trevena Cross Fertiliser – a slow release, general fertiliser that can be used in tubs pots and baskets, on trees, shrubs, lawns and to grow your own fruit and veg. A really great all-rounder that prevents the otherwise inevitable, multiple tubs of half-used feeds lying around in the garden shed!

Trevena Cross Fertiliser

This highly concentrated Trevena Cross Fertiliser, contains all of the nutrients and trace elements a plant needs for the whole year. Amazingly, it can be applied just annually and is only activated when the soil warms up and the feed is truly needed for plant growth. Managing the garden and home can feel like constant multi-tasking. This feed is easy to understand and convenient to use (just once annually) ensuring your garden plants and pots no longer suffer deficiencies.

We’re so confident in the performance of our own Trevena Cross Fertiliser that we feed it to every plant we grow, and sell every plant potted up with it already mixed in.

To ensure continued successful health and growth of newly purchased plants, we always recommend an application of the fertiliser into the planting hole when planted out – and then top dressing annually for great results. Trevena Cross Slow Release General Fertiliser tubs are available to purchase in the shop in a variety of sizes.

Trevena Cross Protea Fertiliser (not currently available)

We have also developed a phosphate-free Trevena Cross Slow Release Protea Fertiliser ideal for one of our exotic specialities – Proteas, as well as other phosphate hating plants like Restios and Camellias. A fast-acting soluble version can also be applied every couple of weeks as a top-up in the growing season

We also have a number of other off-the-shelf plant fertilisers from reputable brands available in the store. Our staff are happy to share their expertise and experience with you when you come to Trevena Cross so you can take home the right solution for your plants.