Happy New Year everyone! As we kick off 2023 we have a few things to share…

CAFE CLOSURE: Please note, the Garden Kitchen Cafe will be closed from Monday 9th – Friday 13th January 2023 for a spruce up. FEAR NOT: The Cornish Barista will be here for your caffeine and sweet treat fix with hot beverages and a variety of cakes, and Crepe Therapy will be here with a range of irresistible crepes! Both here 9th-13th. Outdoor, undercover cafe seating will still be available! The cafe team look forward to welcoming you back into their newly revamped space from Saturday 14th January 2023!

CHRISTMAS SALE: Our singing penguins may have returned to Antarctica for another year, and our giant  polar bear to his Arctic home, as the festivities conclude at Trevena Cross until the end of 2023, BUT we do still have a hint of Christmas in the shop. For the next week or two, we have a selection of Christmas goodies available at 50% OFF. All original great quality, just without the means to pack them away until next Christmas!… So we’re offering them out at bargain prices now! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

SEED POTATOES: Our wide range of first earlies, second earlies and maincrops have landed on shelves in the shop. With taster packs to follow soon, there is a wide variety available to suit all potato tastes! The majority are priced at £3.99 per 2kg bag, with a few varieties £4.99 per bag.

BARE ROOT: Lots of bare root options can be found outside, to satisfy that planting craving while everything sits dormant! Easy on the wallet and the back, these economical buys can help you create a new hedge or orchard in no time, and without the worry of transporting heavy plants – their ‘bare’ roots make them light and easy to manoeuvre!

WINTER COLOUR: As order is restored in the undercover plant area, following its Christmas transformation, we put plants back in the spotlight, where they belong. Winter colour from a wide range of shrubs, can really lift a mood and a space, even during the darkest time of the year. Enjoy a wander – and don’t under estimate the power of plants! Don’t forget you can also fill or brighten a space inside with a bit of nature – head into the shop to check out the houseplant section!

Christmas sale - Santa ornaments  Seed Potatoes 2023 - Trevena Cross Christmas sale - Santa ornament winter colour undercover at Trevena Cross winter colour at Trevena Cross