The nursery at Trevena Cross has been growing certain hedging types in their thousands, for many years, but now plans are in motion to increase the scale on which it grows hedging, further still.

Outside bays are home to thousands of Griselinia hedging plants (and variations of, like Griselinia Green Horizon and Griselinia Green Jewel), but the diverse range of hedging that the garden centre now stocks, at the various stages/sizes it has available for sale, demands even more nursery space – and to maintain consistent stocks of everything, dedicated physical space really matters! Luckily the nursery, spanning a 32 acre growing area (with three further acres dedicated to the garden centre) has the space to upscale and meet hedging demands across not just the county but across the UK, for gardens small and large – whether a few plants will complete your hedge, or hundreds will be required to form that much needed ‘screen’, we can meet your hedging needs.

Being situated so close to the coast, we stock only the hardiest hedging, like Olearia traversii Compacta and Olearia Laxifolia, as it needs to withstand harsh coastal weather conditions, including salt-laden winds. This is of course true of coasts around the UK, not just Cornwall. Due to it’s hardiness it would also fair extremely well in any – potentially colder – inland position. The hedging we grow at Trevena Cross is also selected for a good growth habit, great disease resistance and of course an attractive/pleasing look! With many, many years experience growing hedging, we only grow for others what we’ve determined to be the best, and what we’d only have as hedges ourselves – on the garden centre, the nursery, and in our own gardens.

While Trevena Cross may not have such a ‘high profile’ online presence as other online hedging suppliers/retailers, it can certainly compete on quality and quantity of hedging, and very importantly, on value for money! When you’re buying in bulk, the costs soon begin to add up, and following our own research, we’ve struggled to find anyone that can beat what we’re offering! So if your garden is is in need of a new backdrop… screen…barrier… check out what Trevena Cross has to offer – we’re pretty sure you’ll find a long term solution that will work for your space, whatever and wherever it is!