Well known for growing many diverse varieties of plants in relatively small numbers, we make an exception when it comes to hedging.

We grow our hedging in bulk producing impressive plots of what we consider the very best varieties of hedging. With many homes in Cornwall and the south-west situated in a coastal location, a major criteria for the hedging we grow is its suitability for a coastal position… as well as its overall hardiness and attractiveness.

Griselinia is one of our most popular forms of hedging with its attractive apple green leaves. Hardy to -12 degrees centigrade and able to withstand salt laden winds – we grow thousands of these each year. Some are sold in the garden centre at a small 2 litre size while others are grown on in the nursery over many years achieving 45 litres and as a result aren’t always in stock at the garden centre!

Discounted pallet deal now available on 5 litre Griselinia!

Buy 50 plants and have them delivered for just £358.00 including VAT + £55 UK delivery (or just £25 delivery to a ‘TR” postcode).

This is 20% off the price of each plant. An incredible deal!

Lovely, large plants on average 60 cm tall. For more details or to order, telephone us: 01736 763880.