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Griselinia Green Jewel 50 Plant Pallet Deal (5ltr) – UK Wide


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Take advantage of our special Griselinia Green Jewel pallet deal – UK wide.

We are now offering a discounted pallet deal WITH FREE DELIVERY on one of our most popular sizes for UK wide delivery – the 5 litre Griselinia Green Jewel!

Buy 50 plants and have them delivered anywhere in mainland UK for just £497.50 including VAT – that’s our discounted rate for 50 plants – just £9.95 per plant – AND FREE DELIVERY (usually £70.00).

 …A great deal that you’ll struggle to beat!

Lovely, large plants on average 80cm tall. For more details call us: 01736 763880.

Out of stock

Product Description

A more subtle variation in colour than Griselinia Variegata, Griselinia Green Jewel displays bright, glossy green leaves, splashed cream margins, and grey undertones across the leaf. The leaves tend to be slightly more pointed than the rounder leaf of Variegata too.

Like the other Griselinia varieties, it tolerates a coastal position and salt laden winds very well, however it prefers more enclosed/sheltered estuaries. Very exposed locations would be better suited to the tougher Elaeagnus or Olearia hedging types.

Griselinia Green Jewel hedging plants should be planted about 40-90cm/18inches-3ft apart from one another – although they can be planted further apart if you do not mind waiting longer for them to form a solid hedge.

This Griselinia Green Jewel pallet deal is one not to miss and will supply you with an attractive variegated hedge – great windbreak and privacy – for the long term.