We have big hopes for the bank holiday weekend. It’s fair to say that it hasn’t felt very ‘spring-like’ of late. Temperatures have remained low, the winds have been biting at times and the rain, while offering a welcome watering of the garden, seems to have extended well beyond, to a thorough soaking – even flooding in places!

As the late May bank holiday fast approaches we’re really looking forward to some warm dry days (it is monsoon weather out there as I write!) and to seeing lots of you who have patiently waited for warmer nights and calmer days before making your bedding and patio choices. And there is good news on the horizon – a promise of just that. Warmer days and nights, and a chance to realize spring before its over.

There is still an incredible selection of bedding and patio plants and packs available here – all grown here on site, with pots and hanging baskets added to the mix to also supply some unmissable colour for the remainder of spring, right through the summer and into autumn, until the weather turns cold again.

With plenty of veg plants and packs, (again, all grown on site) and of course the always popular herb selection to also get excited about and have fun with in a corner of the garden or patio, there is still time to make a a real day of it – plant shopping in the morning, a spot of lunch at the Garden Kitchen Cafe (indoor and outdoor, undercover seating available) and then home for an afternoon of planting!

Plus, there’s great finds to be had right across the centre, from a big selection of two litre perennial specials – 3 for £10 (mix & match, all grown on site), to a free sunflower plant, available for children who complete a bit of half-term fun, otherwise known as our Children’s Animal Hunt!

We’re open during our usual hours over the bank holiday weekend, 9am-5pm Friday, Saturday and Monday, and 10.30-4.30pm on Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and sending you on your way with goodies galore!