Ok, so we may not be the most centrally located nursery and garden centre in the country geographically speaking – out on the far west tip of Cornwall; but we do our utmost to ensure this rarely gets in the way of our nationwide customer service!

Map of UK showing location of Trevena Cross

Whilst not quite as easy to courier/transport around the country as your bog-standard electronics, DVDs or household goods, our plants still regularly cover many miles, from our nursery in Cornwall to customers in London, Manchester and beyond – arriving in the condition they left us in.

With a little imagination and a lot of care, we have managed to pack plants of all shapes and sizes, ready for a journey to their final destination, using weird and wonderful construction of pallets, cardboard boxes and other handy materials that provide the ultimate protection for transport.

The tree ferns below have made the journey to a college in Bridgwater (a relatively short journey!) within the last week or two. It proved quite a challenge for Mark and John to pack them, so that everything fitted in the space permitted by the transportation, and without risk of damage to the plants, but we like a challenge – it’s when we’re at our best 🙂

Crate of tree ferns  Tree ferns ready for transport

So if you’d like to get some Cornish plants out of Cornwall, either to yourself, or a friend or relative; look no further. Don’t let a little thing like geography get in the way!