Who we are & What it means for you

Who we are & what it means for you – It may seem like we’re always harping on about who we are and what makes us different, but the only thing you’re understandably going to care about, is what does it mean for YOU? What difference does it make that we’ve been around for so long? Does it matter that we grow 90% of the plants we sell?… Well we think it does matter, and we’ve tried to explain why, in brief, below…

Independent, family founded, owned and run

What it means for you? Our business is our life – we really care about it and we really care about what our customers want. If we want to change things for our customers we can, and quickly – no red tape to fight through, no head office meetings or weeks of discussion to make it happen.

Experienced, large scale growers since 1976, on a site spanning 35 acres (that’s 141,640 square metres!)

What it means for you? Healthy, well-adapted plants for your garden that will last or exceed their expected lifetime because they started out in the hands of people who have decades of experience doing what they do best. People who have the scope and space to grow thousands of plants and a huge range of different plants.

Biosecurity – heading towards complete self-sufficiency, currently growing more than 90% of the plants sold on site; with plenty of in-house propagation, and use of own stock beds and stock plants for cuttings

What it means for you? Much reduced risk of imported pest and disease problems from other nurseries or other countries, so ultimately healthier plant assurances. In addition, a plant that offers exceptional value for money – without a middle-man involved, we can grow our plants at a saving and pass that saving on to you.

Specialties – include rare, unusual and exotic plants, and a huge collection of site specific plants, such as those suited to coastal planting

What it means for you? In addition to offering you the best of everything you’d expect, we can offer you something you perhaps wouldn’t expect – something a little bit different, something that could be the envy of your neighbours, something you might like as a ‘plant collector’, or just something that needs to meet specific requirements/suit a particular site. We can help you find whatever that ‘something’ is!

An extensive shop and gift area and locally renowned Garden Kitchen Café on site

What it means for you? A ‘complete’ visit that provides you with all the plant and garden accessories you could want, a great gift area to be tempted by and some well-deserved sustenance in the popular Garden Kitchen Café – inside or out on the terrace overlooking the impressive undercover plant area.

Graham in nursery bedding tunnel  Impatiens in bedding tunnel  Undercover plant area on garden centre