A super-smart display of glazed pots, courtesy of Woodlodge Products, who supply all of our quality, frost-proof pots, has landed! Designs aplenty in copious shapes and sizes -there really is a pot for every garden and every taste. Special offer prices too!

And the ranges?

‘Heritage’…crafted by skilled potters to bring style, beauty and craftsmanship to any patio or garden setting.

Heritage Woodlodge Pots

‘Blossom’…a special blend of locally sourced sustainable clay prepared by experienced craftsman to produce a wide variety of shapes and finishes.

‘National Trust’…inspiration drawn from the belief that everyone needs beautiful views and green spaces to be inspired, feel nourished and to grow. …And from the beautiful gardens The National Trust looks after.

National Trust Pot Collection

‘Pacific’…frost-proof pottery

Pacific Woodlodge Pots

‘Lightweight’…contemporary garden planters

Lightweight Woodlodge Pots