Last week was week 6, an important week in the nursery calendar – lots of new plugs and liners were delivered to the nursery, and months of planning behind the scenes for the spring season ahead began to come to fruition.

Plans for the garden are still a little way off for many of us, but once February hits, garden centres and nurseries really start gearing up for what they hope will be a great spring and subsequent summer season. Gardeners and non-gardeners alike are fed up of the rain and the other challenges presented by a gloomy winter, but we’re now looking forwards to a rewarding spring awakening – as I’m sure are all of you ‘outdoorsy’ types.

It is hard to imagine a turnaround in the weather after the last couple of weeks down here in the south west, (and indeed across much of the UK), but that doesn’t stop us! We’re extremely busy behind the scenes preparing for the season ahead – and we look forward to welcoming you all this 2014!