Easter eggs
Easter this coming weekend… and we’ll be OPEN over the whole Easter period, including Easter Sunday (usual trading hours). Due to trading laws we will only able to make plant sales on Easter Sunday (as we grow these on site in the nursery),  but the cafe will be open as usual too, serving up a delicious Sunday Roast alongside its usual full menu!

Sunday Trading Laws – Support for CHANGE!
We’re disappointed that enforced Sunday Trading Laws will prevent us, once again, being able to offer our customers everything that Trevena Cross has to offer on Easter Sunday. A day when families are out and about, and also want to spend time in the garden… it’s that time of year after all! We can only apologise in advance, on behalf of those politicians who clearly have no idea what our local communities/customers really want, and what we get asked for every Easter Sunday… I mean fertiliser and a pot to go with your plant – what a ludicrous thought!!

The matter of Sunday Trading Laws is a pertinent one at the moment, as a proposed liberalisation of current trading restrictions for larger stores has been quashed by the SNP (with alliance from members of other parties). A little hypocritical don’t you think? Denying people the freedom to shop, already available to those that they represent in Scotland, where no trading restrictions are in place! Standing in the way of people trying to choose what’s right for their own communities and local economy…how is this right? We couldn’t be much further away from Scotland, whilst remaining in the UK!…So why do they get a say?!

Mini-rant over, we’d love local people and other small, local independent businesses who survive in the main on weekend support from the local community… to come together and fight for change!…