We want to ensure that all of our customers get great value for money – and in many cases exceptional value for money if we can offer it! We have always grown the vast majority (90%+) of our plants on site in our nursery to cut out the ‘middle man’ when it comes to sourcing mature plants. That way, we can pass on the savings to our customers….and be sure that our plants have been grown in a way that meets our high standards – in the best compost, with the best fertiliser, in the best growing conditions we’re able to provide.

Trevena Cross plants are propagated from seed or are grown from small plugs supplied by carefully sourced, specialist nurseries. They are ‘quality’ plants, that will produce impressive, enduring displays of their best quality, whether that be beautiful blooms or striking foliage. They are in a different league from the ‘equivalents’ you’ll find in many DIY or supermarket establishments that dabble in plants. These are often second grade plants grown on mass from seed abroad.

The unique nature of Trevena Cross, as both a nursery AND a garden centre, means we can offer you true value for money… Want an example? Click on the below image to find out how we fair against a couple of our closest competitors this bedding/patio season…

Trevena Cross Competitor Price Comparison