Why choose Trevena Cross Bedding Plants over alternatives from well-known (DIY/supermarket/garden centre) chains?

  • All grown on site in our 35 acre nursery
  • Grown in Humax Multipurpose compost for superior growth
  • Cherry picked by the owner from six specialist nurseries across the country, and selected for incomparable quality and range
  • Plants full of vigour, displaying multiple blooms and lasting colour though the seasons
  • In another league from cheap DIY store/supermarket bedding, grown from seed abroad (‘pile it high, ship it out’ approach)
  • We CARE about our plants… carefully choose them, carefully grow them, carefully nurture them. We know what we’re doing – we’re plant experts
  • Exceptional value for money – you get MORE than what you pay for. Because we grow the bedding plants / bedding packs ourselves, we cut out the ‘middle man’ when it comes to mature plants, and are able to offer you the finished plants at a very competitive price.
    Click here to see how our bedding/patio prices fair against a couple of local competitors. 

Trevena Cross bedding plants

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