Our latest post brought news of the brand new growing tunnel now erected in the nursery, which will eventually house up to 20,000 new plants (4ltr pots).

Work to get it ready for use continues, as we make the most of largely dry weather before the ‘autumn showers’ inevitably get going (and who knows how long they might hang around?!)

This week we’ve been laying the ‘floor’, which has involved shifting and laying great quantities of mypex and gravel. Over such a large area this is no mean feat! John managed to take some piccies for us while the team were over there yesterday so see below for latest progress…

Gravelling the nursery tunnel Gravelling nursery tunnel 2 Gravelling nursery tunnel 3 Gravelling nursery tunnel 4 Gravelling nursery tunnel 5 Gravelling nursery tunnel 6

P.S – it’s blowing a hooley out there today but hopefully one day soon, we’ll also be able to get the tunnel covering on, and transform the space into an actual tunnel!