Stocked up on shelves in the shop at present is our most highly recommended method of keeping the slugs and snails in your garden at bay.

Slug Gone is a natural, environmentally friendly way to control slugs and snails in the garden. Consisting of only wool pellets – and no harmful chemicals or pesticides, they are also perfectly safe to use around children and animals.

Nursery and garden centre owner Graham, with experience of many other tried and tested methods of pest control, would use no other product (other than coffee granules!) on his hostas and other slug loving plants in the nursery at Trevena Cross. He highly recommends them as an effective, safe and ‘natural’ way to protect your plants, fruit and vegetables.

In addition, Slug Gone (by GrowAid) acts as a soil enricher, adding goodness into the soil, and in combination with soil and compost – as a fantastic mulch, absorbing and retaining moisture in the soil. A pest controller… a fertiliser… a mulch… a weed supresser – it really is a multipurpose product, not just great at meeting its primary purpose, but at meeting a whole host of others too!

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