It has been a long time coming but we are thrilled to have finally done it – we have created a brand new website that represents who we are and what we’re all about!

With the help of two local Cornish businesses, Ki Design (web designer) and Redfuse (web developer), we have reached the climax of months of hard work to make the website a reality and finally give our visitors an online experience that they will hopefully enjoy and learn from.

Trevena Cross Nurseries Owner Graham comments:

“We are delighted with how the website has turned out and are very grateful to Ki Design and Redfuse for turning our vision into a reality. At a time when the retail world is struggling, we are fortunate to be able to introduce a tool like this that can help us grow our business with an accurate portrayal of who we are and how we can serve our customers.

“We look forward to adding to the site and getting it into a position we’re really happy with over the next couple of months before the pre-spring rush, a time when we expect its purpose to be truly realised.

Two points the business are really hoping to convey through the new site are the huge diversity of plants available, and the extensive horticultural knowledge of the Trevena Cross team. In addition, the insight into what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ should be invaluable in reaching the majority who up until now haven’t appreciated the nursery/growing side of the business – but rather, have seen the business as just another garden centre.