Trevena Cross is now CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, including all deliveries.

While we had hoped to be able to continue serving our lovely local and loyal customer base during this COVID-19 crisis via a home delivery service, unfortunately it just isn’t going to be a viable way forward for us over the coming weeks, maybe months.

We’re faced with a huge challenge as a business so reliant on visitors through the gates. Deliveries normally make up only a very small proportion of our business, for which we’re usually well prepared. With things turned on their head it has been extremely difficult to coordinate a new way of doing things so suddenly, whilst maintaining the safety of the staff we do have left available.

As difficult as it is, by closing now we can ensure our return when the time allows, and secure a future for the long term. We hope to see you all on the other side, and thank you all very much for your support and custom to date!

Stay safe and enjoy those gardens!