We are delighted that we can finally introduce what have been descibed as three of the best tasting strawberries the world has ever seen!

Taking us a while to source, we have finally got our hands on these varieties and grown them in our nursery. This week they are making the short journey to the garden centre floor. As with most of the fruit and veg grown in the nursery, Graham, nursery and garden centre owner, has already sampled a selection of the sweet strawberries we are stocking, and is excited to hear feedback from customers following the strawberry season this year, regarding these – in our opinion – fabulous varieties.

Strawberry Plants at Trevena Cross

So which ones are we talking about? Namely, Frau Mieze Schindler – with fruits that taste ‘out of this world’, syonomous with a ‘fruits of the forest’ candy flavour – a number one strawberry across much of Europe, Mara des Bois – with soft and delicious fruits that have a wonderful aromatic wild strawberry flavour, but grow much larger than the traditional wild strawberry! And Anablancaproducing unusual white, pink tinged, firm, sweet juicy fruits, with a flavour resembling pineapple!

Come and check out our strawberries, found with our complete grow your own collection!