On Friday we had a visit from the passionate David Kilner, who was picking up a great range of plants for pollinators. David is working with Learning through Landscapes in support of the Polli:Nation initiative.

So what is Polli:Nation? Well, it is a UK wide initiative, supporting 260 schools to turn their school grounds and other local walk-to spaces into pollinator friendly habitats. Giving pupils direct hands-on experience of improving their ‘patch’ for pollinators, and learning all about the vital role pollinating insects play in our ecosystem. Currently four schools in Cornwall are involved in the initiative, but we know that there are many more enthusiastic schools and pupils across the county who are doing their bit… and could perhaps also do a bit more, to help the great range of pollinating insect species we simply can’t appreciate or value too much.

Polli:nation has been shortlisted for the National Lottery Awards (as a Heritage Lottery funded project) – give them a vote to support their invaluable work, and find out how you can get involved and make a difference in your own garden, within your own community, or your child’s school!

As we drift into summer, thoughts of bees and butterflies, and wildlife friendly plants, start to surface for most of us, but in reality our gardens should be wildlife-friendly year round to support our vast array of ‘helpful’ garden friends! Please bear that in mind when you next make a change in your garden – something as small as adding a plant or taking one away can make a big difference to the health of pollinator numbers! Our free Bee and Butterfly Friendly Guide may offer a few initial pointers to help you on your way…!

Enjoy the summer in your garden, and help your ‘friends’ enjoy it too! 😉