As the season progresses and our bedding packs and ready planted pots & baskets quickly deplete in the sale, we’re ready to replace with plenty more excitement – in the form of masses of summer colour, magnificent grasses, lovely lavender, blooming perennials… and the list just goes on.

There’s no mistaking the bench of Delphiniums in the undercover plant area next to the shop at the moment. We think they’re worth full price but currently BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, you can pick two up for just over £4 a piece, what a bargain!

Delphiniums at Trevena Cross Delphiniums bench at Trevena Cross Delphinium special at Trevena Cross

Ornamental grasses are another showstopper in the undercover plant area right now. They have really sprung to life, many blooming and displaying their wonderful seed heads. Fantastic backdrops, to contrast brighter colours in the garden, and also for creating much needed texture and movement – and therefore interest in the garden landscape.

Ornamental grasses at Trevena Cross Ornamental grasses bench at Trevena Cross Ornamental grasses - summer at Trevena Cross

Lovely Lavenders; bee heaven, and never a plant to hang around long, they are giving off quite the aroma in the plant area! A firm favourite and summer staple, we’re pleased to finally have some room available for them now the majority of the bedding has been sold.

Lavenders at Trevena Cross

Occasionally in the nursery we find ourselves with plant stocks that we just don’t have the time or space to pot on and nurture into bigger plants. We currently have a range of plants in trays, of ranging number (up to 96 plants), that we are selling by the tray, for just £15 each. There is nothing wrong with any of them, they are simply surplus to requirement in our nursery and are ready to grow on and be planted out in fabulous drifts in the garden! What a bargain! – and the advantage of a nursery that grows the vast majority of its own plants like us – that you’ll rarely find at other garden centres.

Tray of small plants £15 at Trevena Cross

And as we welcome lots more visitors from out of county, we also thought it worth mentioning our UK wide delivery service! No need to try and cram everything in the car or the camper – make your selection and we’ll gather it together, pack it for transit and send it on it’s merry way to your address, once your home. Boxes can be sent for a £17 delivery charge (roughly 6-8 3-4ltr plants), and a whole pallet for a £75 delivery charge (e.g. big specimen palm tree or similar accompanied by other shrubs and perennials).

So whether you’re local or from further afield, there is plenty here to get excited about right now – make a summer visit to the place where beautiful gardens begin!