As we work hard behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming spring season, both in the nursery and in the garden centre, we are surprised by the on going mild temperatures and the seeming lack of any stereotypical winter! The possiblity of a ‘late’ winter even seems unlikely now – and we cross all our fingers and toes that this is the case.

Back in the autumn we were preparing for the cold of winters past, bringing anything with any level of fragility or vulnerability into our polytunnels, and removing the risks that the cold presents to a working nursery like ours. Despite the weather failing to meet our expectations, we have inadvertantly aided our wonderful plant stocks, giving them that little bit of ‘luxury living’ …enough to guarentee a smashing collection of plants, looking their absolute best!

We look forward to our spring rush (which we anticipate may start a little early this year, assuming the mild weather continues) …and to adding to our wonderful collection of plants at a time when the garden is a priority for many.

Can’t wait to get started? As well as our seed potatoes, which are adorning the shelves, we now also have a very wide selection of bulbs available, including onion, garlic and shallot bulbs, and masses of Dahlias, Begonias, Agapanthus, Irises, Freesias, Alliums, Gladioli, Liliums, Nerines, Callas, Cannas, Crocosmias… and more!

Yellow Iris