The time is NOW for thinking, planning and general excitement about what’s to come in the garden this year! Hmm, what do we have to tempt you with and get you in the ‘garden mood’?!

  • Seed potatoes – there’s nothing like a delicious homegrown spud!.. And we have plenty to choose from for you to feast on in the season ahead
  • Summer flowering bulbs – can you just picture those bursts of summer colour across the garden landscape in four or five months time?! Get yours now – or pick up some spring colour in our bulb pots (if you missed planting your spring bulbs back in the autumn).
  • Bare root whips – not everything is about waiting for the garden to wake up. Winter does have its advantages too – a time when the biggest bargains, trees, hedges, orchards even, can be planted at minimal cost thanks to the affordability of bare root whips
  • Masses of houseplants in our BRAND NEW houseplant section. In need of an indoor nature fix? We’ve got it!
  • Winter colour – camellias, conifers, heathers, shrubs, cyclamen and winter planters – reminders that winter can be full of beautiful diversity too, and keep the garden alive during what can seem a bleak period of the year.
  • Soft fruit and fruit trees – always a great time for those keen to add to their edible garden with fresh stocks of fruit trees and soft fruit bushes (plus there’s so many varieties to choose from!)
  • Seeds – you can begin sowing if you’re lucky enough to have an ‘under glass’ option, or you can enjoy spending time choosing what you will sow in the veg plot in the coming months, as the temperature begins to rise.
  • Hedging is one of our specialities here at Trevena Cross and one that has led us to dedicate vast areas of our precious 32 acre growing area, to hedging plants ONLY. We are going to spend the rest of this article focussing on these plants – the backbone of the garden, and something else to consider and get excited about in the coming months…

Seed Potatoes £3.99 Houseplant variety at Trevena Cross seed stands at Trevena Cross

Trevena Cross Hedging

Interest in hedging plants usually begins to ramp up from now, and certainly will as we edge closer to March and the anticipated spring. This year the nursery team have all bases covered, with hedging plants in their thousands, at all stages of growth, available to line boundaries, create privacy and look wonderful, across UK landscapes. All plants have been nurtured with the utmost care and attention of a dedicated team – from Propagator Graham who starts them on their journey from just a cutting, to Nursery Manager Damien and his team who can pot them and nurture them right up to a huge 20L plant (7 or 8 years in the making!)

Our most popular pick and one that we grow in exceptionally vast quantities is Griselinia littoralis. This excellent hedging plant is very attractive with its apple green leaves and is hardy down to at least -10°C. (All of our hedging is hardy and must tolerate the significant sub-temperatures that can catch us off-guard here in the UK, even down here in the south). Griselinia is a fast, upright grower and so will be quick to form a neat hedge. We cut all ours down a couple of times a year to encourage bushy growth and prevent them getting ‘leggy’.

Down here by the coast we’re also very aware of how plants tolerate a coastal position – hedges in particular need to be up to the task of acting as screening and windbreaks in coastal locations. Griselinia does this very well in sheltered inlets or set back a little way for from the coast (we have even tougher alternatives like Olearia Compacta if the hedge is for a very exposed location).

We deliver our hedging like Griselinia across Cornwall – and the UK, on pallets, using our trusted courier network. Hardy plants grown in Cornwall don’t have to stay in Cornwall and we find they do well pretty much anywhere across the UK due to their nature as an outstanding hedge!

20L Griselinia at Trevena Cross

20L Griselinia