The rose has forever been, and forever will be a signature piece and an old favourite in the garden, whether it be a natural cottage garden or a modern and contemporary space.

The winner of our recent ‘Blooming Beautiful photo competition’ captured our hearts with a picture of a blooming rose in her garden – there is just something about them, besides the fabulous scent of some varieties, that just draws you in. Perhaps a feeling of nostalgia for many, ensures they remain a firm favourite in our gardens.

Beautiful Bloom winner - pink rose

Easy to grow, they can also live a long time if well looked after, making them a comforting constant in an ever changing space, and a focal point to grow attached to. With so many varieties, there is one for every spot in the garden. For pots, containers, borders, over arches, pergolas or even as groundcover. Hungry plants, they enjoy well rotted manure or compost incorporated into the soil, certainly at the start, but other than that, will grow in most soil types. They are also deep-rooters so after the first few years of establishing a root system, will generally survive on the moisture naturally present in the soil.

yellow rose  white rose

Whether you love them or hate them (although the huge variety available makes it hard to believe that not everybody could could find at least one rose they love and have a connection with!), there’s no denying that the rose is a ‘work of art’, courtesy of nature.

We have a selection of roses at the garden centre, including David Austin and special occasion collections. Stock levels do vary throughout the year however, so please check availability before making a special journey, if you are after something specific.