At this time of year, its all about wonderful bedding, patio and basket colour at the garden centre, and in the garden. While these annuals provide only ‘fleeting colour’ in comparison with more permanent planting; whilst here, they are certainly worthy ‘showpiece’ title holders, displaying showy blooms and splashes of unbeatable colour in the garden, on the patio, and in baskets.

Petunias - Trevena Cross Nurseries

From Surfinias, Petunias, and Lobelia to Ivy Leaf Geraniums and a wide range of other patio favourites; these plants’ ability to create drifts of colour, or memorable displays in pots or baskets is unmatched by anything else in the plant world!

Trailing Petunias - Trevena Cross Nurseries

Popularity for bedding sadly appears to have declined in recent years – with watering requirements and an overall reliance on us to survive and thrive in a world where we’re all evermore stretched for time, perhaps a reason, as well as the more unpredictable spring and summer seasons leaving the long term survival of bedding and the like in doubt, with frosts, severe gales, and water-logging becoming all the more likely during these traditionally warmer, sunny seasons!

However, there is most definitely still a place for the bedding or patio plant – and we’re still keen to sing their praises here by making them our showpiece no. 3!

Don’t forget to pop along to the garden centre to be tempted by a HUGE range of bedding and patio plants this spring and summer! – There’s some great offers to be had!