Seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many customers aren’t watering their plants through this prolonged period of dry, warm weather! Granted, it’s probably because our unpredictable weather means we’re not  in the habit of it in this country, even in the summer!..But your plants are likely to be screaming for water right now if you haven’t dug out the watering can or connected up the hosepipe for some time.

Of the many plant problems our customers come to us with, under-watering is one of the biggest culprits, and that’s not just in the warm, dry weather, but year round!

By ‘watering’ we don’t just mean a quick sprinkle or blast with a hose either. Watering shouldn’t be rushed. A long, slow trickle of water that really penetrates the soil and soaks the ground below, a few of times a week, is far more beneficial than a quick superficial blast/spray over the plants once or twice a day.

Take a newly planted hedge along a Cornish wall for example – a quick blast of water is simply going to displace the soil, where as a decent irrigation line (an old hosepipe with little holes punched through it i.e. a leaky hose, would be sufficient!) laid along the wall and left to trickle over time, will get absorbed more effectively into the soil and give the new planted hedge the drink that it needs.

While the weather is hot, try to water early or late in the day rather than in the heat of the day, especially  if using a ‘sprinkling’ method of watering. Much of the water is likely to evaporate before it even hits the ground, if that sun is shooting down its powerful rays!

Pay extra close attention to your pots too. They really are reliant on you for their water during dry spells, unable to draw up the last drops of moisture from deep below the ground! Put them on saucers before watering if you can to provide them with a little surplus (even if only a centimetre!), which they can then take up after you’ve finished watering.

If you’re after a helpful ‘watering’ hand, we have a range of Hozelock watering and irrigation options in the shop – and a helpful team on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have!

When you’re thirsty, you have a drink. When you’re plants are thirsty, give them a drink!

Enjoy the sunshine 🙂