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    Banksia integrifolia – of all the Banksias this coast Banksi is one of the hardiest needing low maintenance. A species of evergreen tree originating from the east coast of Australia and popular in Australian parks and gardens. The evergreen tree (height 4-6 metres) produces spikes of pale yellow flowers in summer/winter. Hardy and versatile, it is tolerant of salt winds, a variety of soils and hard pruning. Integrifolia will grow in clay, sand, acid and even alkaline soils and has good resistance to wind and salt, making it suitable for seaside planting. It should be planted in very well-drained soil, with lots of grit. Its hardy nature means it will also stand quite hard frosts once established. Normally available in a large 4-litre pot. highly valued by beekeepers because it produces large amounts of pollen and nectar during autumn and winter, thus helping support hives at a time when little else is flowering. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
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    Astelia banksii

    Astelia banksii – is a hardy evergreen, architectural plant from New Zealand, also known as Coastal Astelia as it’s perfect for coastal gardens. Growing to 1.2 metres with silver green, strap like leaves and panicles of white flowers in the spring and purple-pink fruits in the summer. A wonderful plant to create an exotic feel in the garden or pots. Needs fertile, well-drained soil in a partially shady spot. Good for coastal gardens. Tolerates full sun, but prefers partial shade. The foliage can be damaged by frost and cold wind, so may need winter protection. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
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    Aloe striatula

    Originating from South Africa, the Aloe striatula is a hardy, resilient succulent (1 metre in height and spread) which is tolerant of drought and frost. In early summer this plant produces colourful, orange-yellow flowers which are set off against the stripey light and dark green stems creating a compelling and curious (almost alien like) appeal. Plant in full sun in a very well drained soil with extra grit added when planting. Situate in wall-side borders, rock gardens, gravel gardens or patio containers for best effect. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
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    The Aloe arborescens 'Variegata' (also known as the variegated candelabra aloe) is another stunning perrenial plant with sword-shaped leaves striped with pale yellow. Occasionally, it produces bursts of tubular red flowers in panicles. Grow in low-maintenance patio containers. Water moderately throughout the year, but more sparingly in winter. In the growing season, feed a balanced liquid fertiliser 2 or 3 times. No pruning required! The pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus
    The nursery grows thousands of different perennials every year - and they are available at the garden centre in various sizes. One of our most popular sizes is the two litre perennial - a nicely established plant but also a very cost effective buy, and still with plenty of growing on to do. Perfect for a mixed perennial or shrub and perennial border - or perhaps as focal points in pots of summer colour! An example of the selection available includes different varieties of Aquilegia, Campanula, Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Lupinus, Rudbeckia and Salvia. Your three selected 2ltr plants could form any combination and will be chosen based on current availability, but we will aim to supply a mixed selection (unless requested otherwise).