• Correa decumbens – add a festive blast of colour to your space with this evergreen, spreading dwarf shrub from Kangaroo Island and South Australia. When little else is in flower, this plant creates long tubular red flowers with green tips and grows up to 1 metre tall. An easy to grow variety for exposed areas and an excellent ground cover plant. Plant in moist, but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Hardy to -5 degrees centigrade. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • Value Nordmann Fir £25 - Trevena Cross Christmas Trees
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    The cut VALUE Nordmann Fir (5-6ft) Christmas tree is our most popular buy, and offers exceptional value for money (£25 + £5 local delivery charge - Click here to view the postcodes included in our £5 delivery area and £10 delivery area or contact us for a delivery quote outside this area). This lovely non-drop tree is British grown, like all of our Christmas trees and will make a lovely focal point in any space for Christmas! It will do a great job of retaining its needles over the festive period, assuming it is well cared for... > (See our guide to tree care here.) With a great natural pyramid shape, strong branches and lush dark green needles that are surprisingly soft, it makes the perfect Christmas tree for the whole family to decorate, admire and enjoy over the Christmas period. It is also believed to be the better option for allergy sufferers, with its 'waxy' like needle coating providing some level of protection for usual sufferers.
  • elaeagnus x ebbingei compacta
    Available in a 2 litre pot. Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta forms a neater, more compact hedge than its very close relative Elaeagnus ebbingei, and is ideal for hedges up to 2m/6ft. It grows around 45 cm/18inches a year, looks great on Cornish walls and is good for smaller gardens. Besides forming a more compact hedge, many of its other characteristics, including its nitrogen fixing capabilities, are in line with its relative Elaeagnus x ebbingei. It is an evergreen, hardy, salt-wind tolerant hedging plant that will grow very close to the sea. It will grow well in any well drained soil, even poor, dry soils, as it is particularly drought tolerant, and can be positioned in anything from full sun to heavy shade. A per plant discount is available for bulk purchases of Elaeagnus x ebbingei Compacta hedging plants. This discount will be applied in your basket if applicable (begins at 10+ plants).
  • Trio pots at Trevena CrossTrio Pot at Trevena Cross
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    PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for delivery to a TR postcode (in Cornwall, exc. Isles of Scilly) only.

    Create a unique colour coordinated display with our innovative Trio pots –  three plants in one pot! Buy 15 Trio Pots in this great selection pack! Saving you all the hard work of working out which plants and colours go well together, simply plant one in a pot/basket up to 15” across for a wonderful flowering display through the spring/summer and autumn.
    • Grow in a sunny, sheltered position
    • Plant in great quality compost – we use and recommend Humax Potting, Basket & Tub Compost No. 2 or Sylvagrow Peat-Free compost
    • Add slow release fertilizer to the planting hole
    • Keep well-watered, with extra watering required in pots/containers
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    Schefflera digitata – also known as Pate. If you’d like to add exotic impact to your garden, this plant will make a fine statement. An evergreen shrub from New Zealand with large, deep green leaves up to 20 cms long and a height/spread of 3 metres/2.5 metres. In the summer it has large clusters of tiny greenish white flowers hanging below the leaves. It grows best when the roots are cool, so plenty of mulch will aid this plant along with rich, fertile soil that’s moist and well-drained. Plant in full sun or partial shade. It’s hardy to -8 degrees centigrade. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
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    Woodwardia orientalis - A stunning evergreen fern from Asia with large fronds, excellent for creating that sub-tropical look. Height 0.6- 1.5 metres with a spread of 1.5-2 metres. Plant in moisture retentive but free draining soil in a sheltered spot. Hardy to about minus 5°C. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • Corokia mangatangi – an evergreen shrub from New Zealand with starry, yellow flowers in spring and warm yellow berries in autumn. Grows up to 2 metres high with a spread of 1 metre. Plant in free draining soil in an open sunny position. It clips well and makes a good seaside hedging plant as it’s tolerant of drought, wind and has even withstood temperatures as low as -8 degrees centigrade. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • succulent selection - Echeverias
    Receive a selection of Echeverias in this special succulent top pick! Varieties will be chosen at random and will vary depending on availability but we'll aim to provide you with a mixed selection. Echeverias are succulent, evergreens from South America, with attractive rosette forming foliage. Ideal in a warm position, they grow well in troughs, pots and containers inside or outside on a sunny patio - just be sure to protect from the cold/frosts when combined with 'wet weather' as these plants thrive in drought-like conditions once established, originating from hot, sunny climes!
  • Daphne odora

    Daphne odora – also known as a Japan Daphne, this evergreen shrub has clusters of fabulous, fragrant deep purple-pink and white flowers in January-March, red fruits in April set off against handsome, leathery, deep green leaves. Loves full sun or partial shade and is frost hardy. Water thoroughly before planting and keep pruning to a minimum as the plant is susceptible to die-back. Caution: toxic if eaten and can irritate the skin/eyes. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • Sale! 4 for £20 2ltr shrubs - Trevena Cross
    4 for £20 Enjoy a selection of four highly recommended shrubs grown right here on our nursery. A lovely 2ltr size, very affordable but also well established and ready to grow on to a bigger size in your own garden. Great in beds and borders, or large pots - all hardy and with plenty to offer varied landscapes. You will receive a selection chosen at random, depending on availability. A few examples include Corokia, Euonymus, Hypericum, Pittosporum, Prostanthera and Santolina.
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    Fatsia japonica

    Also known as the Castor Oil Plant or Japanese aralia, Fatsia are evergreen shrubs that originate in Japan. They have large, dramatic, shiny, leathery leaves with small white flowers in terminal compound umbels and small, black fruits. Perfect for difficult growing conditions, the Fatsia look spectacular indoors as well as outside where the leaves darken and weather to a thicker texture. It grows well in heavy soil, copes with little to no direct sunlight and is fine in a darker corner of any garden. It can also be grown in a large container with a loam-based compost and appreciates a regular supply of water. If you have a stone or brick wall in a garden, consider situating a Fatsia nearby as it's striking appearance will grab your attention or using as a backdrop to other exotic plants. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • Sea of Pinks- Trevena CrossPinks (9cm) - Trevena Cross
    Ten Pinks (mixed varieties) are yours in this Pinks selection. An evergreen, mat forming perennial, perfect for planting on Cornish walls, in rockeries or other spots where alpines grow well. A delightful selection of ten pinks will be chosen for you based on what is ‘ready’ and current availability, but we will aim to supply a mixed selection (unless requested otherwise). Grows well in a free/well drained light soil in a sunny aspect, but should be kept well watered until established.
  • Vitax Q4 Fertiliser
    Vitax Pelleted Q4 Fertiliser is the premier fertiliser for fruit, vegetables, flowers and roses. For show stopping blooms and large yields of fruit and veg, Vitax is the commercial grower's choice - and can now be the average gardener's choice too! An easy to use pelleted fertiliser, it should be applied to moist soil/compost when planting, and then as a top dressing on a couple of occasions through the summer. It can be used for the duration of the growing season, and as well as having superb results with 'plants', can also be used to help establish lawns from seed or turf.
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    Scleranthus uniflorus – a hardy moss like plant from New Zealand which forms a dense mound of bright green foliage about 20-30 cms across. Fabulous undulation with humps and hollows creating an attractive effect. Add pebbles or use as a border edging to show off effectively. Grows in ordinary, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Makes an excellent ground cover plant. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/
  • Trevena Cross General Fertiliser
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    So good we use it ourselves! A specially formulated fertiliser used on all of our nursery grown plants for optimum results. Superior in our experience, to any other fertiliser, used in 40+ years of operation. Full of nutrients and important trace elements, this fertiliser feeds plants for a whole year. It is activated only in warm soils, and therefore protected from leaching with rain. A multipurpose fertiliser that can be used in tubs, pots, hanging baskets, for trees, shrubs, lawns and for grow your own fruit and veg.
  • Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’ – a luscious evergreen, dense rounded shrub 2 metres high and spread with claret red flowers, changing to pink as they mature. The foliage is dark green, flushed with red. It is used extensively for cut flowers due to its appealing exotic blooms. It should be planted in full sun in free-draining soil and will remain hardy under such conditions able to withstand a temperature as low as -6 degrees centigrade. Or it can be grown in a warm greenhouse with a mix of 3 parts peat substitute, 3 parts grit or perlite and 1 part lime-free compost. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/