We’re currently a bit at sixes and sevens in the shop, as it’s all hands on deck, quite literally, to get a new floor down. Cleaning, grinding, priming, painting… it’s certainly no mean feat, and we’re trying to get a good job done as quickly as possible in order to minimize disruption to you all!

New grey shop floor at Trevena Cross

You could be mistaken for thinking things are a bit ‘chaotic’ (or perhaps not so mistaken!!) at the moment, but we’re confident that the end result will be, without a doubt, worth it, and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding while we make good progress.

We’ve opted for a lovely grey colour for the floor, which shows off the white shelves, gorgeous gift items and other products within the shop beautifully! We’re still very much in the thick of it with lots of work to go, but we’re already sure we’ve made a good choice!

We’ll keep you posted with progress – we’re concentrating on one area of the shop at a time to try and keep some order, but no doubt you’ll notice our handiwork if you visit over the next couple of weeks! Don’t be put off – just please be understanding! 🙂 Thanks!