We’ve had lots of people keen to plant a new hedge in their garden recently… particular interest has been shown in our apple green Griselinia, which we grow in the thousands in our nursery. An attractive hedge, great for sheltered coastal locations!

Whilst lots of you come from Cornwall and are able to squash a good number of plants in the car, on a trailer, or can have them delivered very locally by us… we get asked lots of questions by those of you who live up the line, regarding how we transport plants in bulk. So we thought we’d share it here…

Quite simply, we can fit 50 5ltr Griselinia hedging plants (enough for a decent length hedge) on a pallet, which we can send anywhere in mainland UK for a delivery charge of just £55.00 (inclusive of VAT)  or £25.00 (inclusive of VAT) for local pallet deliveries in Cornwall.

This is what 50 Griselinia plants look like on the pallet…

50 5ltr Griselinia hedging plants on a pallet

But this is how many you’re really getting, when placed in a line!

50 5ltr Griselinia in a line

Of course you don’t have to fill a pallet with just hedging plants, you can choose any of our many, many shrubs and perennials to fill your ‘space’ (hedging is just always a popular one that everyone requires in bulk!)

A really cost effective way to get the plants you want, without letting proximity get in the way!