In recent months Trevena Cross in Breage near Helston has been making a multitude of site improvements and long term investments that will ensure the business continues to be sustainable as the ‘go-to’ nursery and garden centre in the area. One area of improvement includes security enhancement, specifically the installation of a brand new CCTV system at the garden centre.

Trevena Cross Owner Graham Jeffery explains:

“We have always known that multiple entrances/exits from the premises presents an opportunity for a criminal minority. Visitor numbers are increasing year on year and so we have recruited the help of local IT experts, Primary PC Solutions, to ensure we stamp out the risk of high volume losses and serious financial detriment as we continue to grow as a business”.

Primary PC Solutions, based in Helston, have been able to work with the Trevena Cross team to install a high quality CCTV system across the garden centre, providing excellent image quality on screens at the centre and remotely on mobile devices, so that footage is always accessible to multiple members of the team, and the alarm can be easily raised regarding any suspicious activity around the centre.

Nigel Buxton, Co-Owner & Director at Primary PC Solutions comments:

“Trevena Cross approached us with requirements for a brand new CCTV system, designed to capture all areas of the three acre centre, from car parks to shop, plant areas to café, counter to compost bay… they wanted no ‘dark spots’ and so we were tasked with the install of a system that would incorporate 60 cameras, multiple TV screens to capture main entrances and exits, and a number plate recognition system, in particular to highlight any ‘banned’ visitors entering the premises. It has been a pleasure to help such a longstanding local business heighten its defence against an unlawful minority and deter any opportunists that step onto the premises”.

Trevena Cross & Primary PC Solutions in front of security screen

Nick Hann, Manager, Trevena Cross Garden Centre (left); Kieran Williams, IT Manager, Primary PC Solutions (centre); Nigel Buxton, Co-Owner & Director, Primary PC Solutions (right).

Graham continues:

“We’re hugely grateful to the Primary PC Solutions team for turning our plans into reality – they have managed to implement easy-to-use recording solutions that mean any designated member of the team can report any incident without issue. We have already caught a significant number of rather shocked individuals red-handed in the act of shoplifting, and with the strengths of the CCTV footage have been able to see these captures proceed to prosecutions, where they wouldn’t have before. The whole team has discovered a new level of vigilance with the support of the new security measures, and it is encouraging to see how a relationship with technology can have such a big, positive impact on the operation of the business and its people.

Trevena Cross looks forward to a long term working relationship with Primary PC Solutions as the IT experts continue to enhance and maintain the system, provide updates as required and monitor the system for any faults to ensure it always remains flawless.