There’s no need to endure extreme temperatures, dice with dehydration or risk getting stranded when you can step into the desert right here at Trevena Cross! So popular and striking are our collection of cacti that we thought they deserved to be put in their own show-stopping spotlight for a while, and our new cacti display aims to do just that!

“Say cheese!”

Why not pretend you’re really there?!… snap a photo of yourself, your friends and family in the hot desert, surrounded by beautiful cacti specimens… just watch out for the prickles!

desert scene with cacti  small cacti

Say cheese - cacti photo opportunity   big cacti display

A fascinating group of plants most commonly associated with desert dry, arid terrain, they have long been popular houseplants and often firm favourites with children, being simple to grow and unusual looking. Their presence in a cold conservatory or outside in the garden, in full sunshine, has been less prominent however, and it seems we may all be missing a beautiful trick! Grown in pots, most cacti can enjoy a hot, sunny summer outside on the patio, as long as they are brought back in and protected from the frost and rain during the winter – even under a covered car port would be suitable!

Watered (but not soaked!) through spring and summer, they require little other attention – just very good drainage (grit/compost mix) and lots of light! The only other thing that might come in handy when handling these beauties is a thick pair of gardening gloves, or even better, woodburner gloves (for arm coverage)! Avoid watering through the winter, from around October onwards.

Watch our resident expert Graham discuss these magnificent plants as he pots up a cacti and succulent mixed planter. And pop by to catch this show stopping display… around for a limited time only.

Don’t forget… “say cheese!”