As lockdown.3 is in full force, we wanted to remind you of our response to Covid-19, and the precautions we have in place to keep our staff and customers safe.

  • Screens installed around the counter to protect staff and customers
  • Face coverings worn by staff and customers in line with guidelines
  • Change in procedure for payment of goods, to keep staff and customers safe and minimize unnecessary risks
  • Limiting numbers of customers into the shop during exceptionally busy times, if deemed necessary, at the discretion of shop staff/Duty Manager
  • Markings on the ground to help guide social distancing in high traffic areas
  • Clear instructive signage around the centre, which we ask all customers to please take notice of and follow
  • Sanitising stations for hands and trolleys
  • Thorough and regular deep-cleans of all communal spaces and equipment (e.g. chip and pin machines, toilet areas, door handles etc)
  • All staff regularly washing/sanitising their hands or regularly changing gloves, and following best practice advice to maintain impeccable hygiene
  • All staff in good health while at work and fully aware of the most up to date guidance regarding when to self isolate for the protection of themselves, their colleagues and our customers
  • All customers asked to adhere to the above-mentioned guidance and not enter the premises if experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Nor enter if anyone in the same household is experiencing these symptoms, or if the NHS COVID-19 Contact Tracing App has notified a customer that they should self-isolate

Trevena Cross is lucky to be able to offer a largely ‘open air’ shopping experience that doesn’t require customers to come into particularly close proximity to other shoppers. However, we still take every precaution to ensure a safe environment for all with our response to Covid-19, especially in high traffic areas, moving through the shop and around the counter area.