As the main gardening season kicks off, Trevena Cross Nurseries  is keen to promote a greener, self-sufficient lifestyle in 2012 across Cornwall, with a simple message to garden owners to ‘give Grow your Own a go’. This is aided by a huge selection of nursery grown vegetable plants, carefully developed with the domestic gardener in mind; favouring staggered crops that can feed the family over an extended period, rather than an influx of veg that all becomes ready to harvest at one time.

Lettuce plants at Trevena Cross

It’s true that the price hikes on consumables at the supermarket, and in many cases, a sharp rise in fuel costs, is leading people to dabble in the grow your own game at home, to differing degrees, and yet despite these rather negative factors spurring on households in many cases, horticulturists can see only a positive outcome to an eventual shift in a more self-sufficient lifestyle across society.

Trevena Cross Nursery and Garden Centre owner and horticulturist Graham Jeffery comments:

“Overall attitudes towards food and where it comes from will become better informed with a more hands-on approach to food production, and this will be passed to future generations, who will develop an engrained enthusiasm for such a healthy, fun and rewarding activity – growing fruit and vegetables – and then eating them!

“Our relationship with local primary schools for one, has shown that it doesn’t take much to get children excited about growing plants; and it is certainly encouraging to see that many schools are taking time to teach pupils about where their food comes from – growing produce on a school fruit and vegetable patch or herb garden, and then incorporating it into recipes cooked in school.

This ‘give it a go’ message hopes to tackle any unease or trepidation that garden novices may feel about trying to grow some fruit and veg.

Graham continues:

“We understand that for a first time grower it can be overwhelming, and a common thought can be ‘where do I start?’ but ‘grow your own’ can be conducted on any scale, from acres of allotment to a single window box of herbs – the important thing is to just give something a try, and perhaps for more confident growers, to give something new a try.

There will always be someone close-by with a wealth of knowledge to advise, whether that be a family member, friend, or your local nursery or garden centre – we certainly spend time with our customers making sure they go away feeling happy and more confident about what they’re to embark on – there is just so much satisfaction to be had from growing your own produce, we recommend everyone give it a try!

For more information about Trevena Cross, its extensive ‘grow your own’ section, or for any general questions or queries about grow your own practise, pay us a visit or give us a call on 01736 763880.