//Succulent Selection – 5 Echeverias
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Succulent Selection – 5 Echeverias


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Receive a selection of Echeverias in this special succulent top pick!

Varieties will be chosen at random and will vary depending on availability but we’ll aim to provide you with a mixed selection.

Echeverias are succulent, evergreens from South America, with attractive rosette forming foliage. Ideal in a warm position, they grow well in troughs, pots and containers inside or outside on a sunny patio – just be sure to protect from the cold/frosts when combined with ‘wet weather’ as these plants thrive in drought-like conditions once established, originating from hot, sunny climes!

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Product Description

These plants can tolerate the cold (it gets very cold in the desert at night!) but not the cold with the wet – it’s the wet conditions that will cause their demise. A frost-free location is therefore safest during the winter months.

The most important thing to get right is excellent drainage. A south-facing spot, in a sandy soil (slightly acidic ideally) or 50:50 compost and gravel/grit mix when planting up in pots is ideal. Make sure the pot/container has plenty of drainage holes (use crocks in the bottom to stop compost suffocating the holes) and be sure to stand on pot feet year round to further assist with drainage.

Providing the drainage is excellent and they aren’t overwatered, Echiverias are extremely low maintenance – very easy to look after and very rewarding to grow!