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This tough, hardy, evergreen Bamboo is one of the best varieties for hedging and screening, as it forms the thickest of olive green canes, 4-6m/13-20ft tall – so great for traffic noise reduction and also one of the best-selling plants for screening noisy neighbours! It is also one of the only bamboos suitable for coastal and windy areas because it holds onto its large jungly looking leaves.

It is very fast growing, with new shoots emerging from the base each summer, and superseding the previous year’s growth by around 1-1.5m/3.3-4.9ft. It spreads to form a clump, and can be pruned by either slicing off wayward shoots annually with a spade, or growing it alongside a lawn to stop it spreading. Alternatively, use a bamboo barrier when planting – as bamboos are shallow rooting this is fairly easy.

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The bamboos should be planted 1m/3.3ft apart from one another, although you can plant closer for a quicker hedge – depends on how much you want to spend. Understandably, the further apart they are planted, the longer you will have to wait for a full hedge. They should be planted in good fertile soil in full sun or light shade and fed generously with a good slow release fertiliser like Trevena Cross Fertiliser.

Some of the best hedges we have seen have been planted on a Cornish Wall – they seem to cover the entire wall to make a permanent screening hedge. These plants also create a stunning sub-tropical look and feel when grown in pots!

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