//Griselinia littoralis (9cm)
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  • 9cm Griselinia littoralis

Griselinia littoralis (9cm)


9cm Griselinia plants, around 30-40cm high.

A very economical way to get a fast growing hedge on the go. They may be small now but these plants will soon be romping away, bushing out, and forming a decent hedge that’s made to last. The ideal option if you don’t need that ‘instant hedge’ right away.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: A quick grower, we don’t find height of griselinia is really such an important factor when considering the quality of the plant. We trim all of our larger hedging plants several times a year to promote a bushy plant, that will be ready to form a decent hedge right away. Height isn’t everything – while a 2 litre plant could easily be 1m tall without trimming, this ‘leggy’ specimen wouldn’t be the kind of plant that you want for a hedge. A trimmed one with multiple shoots, will establish as a hedge much more quickly.

A per plant discount is available for bulk purchases of Griselinia hedging plants. This discount will be applied in your basket if applicable (begins at 10+ plants).


Product Description

Ideal height: 2-4m/6-12ft
Growth rate: 90cm/3ft a year
Position & planting: plant 40cm/1-2ft apart; well-drained soil in a sunny position
Perfect for… sheltered estuaries, set-back coastal position, or inland

Griselinia littoralis is a fast growing evergreen hedging plant with apple green leaves, hardy to at least -10°C. It will withstand salt laden winds on the seafront in sheltered or enclosed estuaries like St. Mawes and Falmouth in Cornwall, but in exposed positions will need to be positioned several hundred feet from the sea.

For extremely exposed coastal sites like Land’s End, and Lizard Point in Cornwall, we would recommend the tougher Olearia traversii Compacta, Olearia Laxifolia or Elaeagnus Compacta over Griselinia littoralis, although Griselinia is a super choice for most locations.

Upright growing, Griselinia littoralis forms a thin hedge that can be trimmed to 6-8ft and a width of only 60cm/2ft, so it won’t take up a large part of your garden.

Griselinia littoralis grows 90cm/3ft a year if fed with a very good slow release fertiliser like Trevena Cross Fertiliser, and can be trimmed to a desired height, even 1-2m/3-6.5ft can look very neat.

Each specimen should be planted 40cm/1-2ft apart from one another – although they can be planted further apart if you do not mind waiting longer for them to form a solid hedge.

Please note, the picture shown is for illustration purposes only. It is a good guide to plant size and shape, however actual plants may differ a bit from those shown. Please contact us first if you have very specific expectations.

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