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Griselinia Green Horizon


Available in a 2ltr pot online.

As a guide:
5 litre – 60-90cm high – not currently available online. Please call 01736 763880 or email to enquire.
10 litre – up to 1m high – not currently available online. Please call 01736 763880 or email to enquire.
20 litre – in excess of 160 cm – not currently available online. Please call 01736 763880 or email to enquire.

A quick grower, we don’t find height of griselinia is really such an important factor when considering the quality of the plant. A decent pot size provides a good indication of plant robustness and bushiness, and in fact we will cut our nursery plants down to encourage bushier growth (rather than a ‘leggy’ plant). if we feel it necessary.

Similar to the standard Griselinia, but with darker green, glossy leaves, Griselinia Green Horizon is a fast growing evergreen hedging plant, hardy to at least -10°C to -12°C. It will withstand a coastal position and salt laden winds well but as with the standard and other variations of Griselinia, prefers a more sheltered estuary or inlet like St Mawes or Falmouth in Cornwall. In more exposed locations, Griselinia Green Horizon will need to be positioned several hundred feet from the sea, and for extremely exposed coastal sites like Land’s End, and Lizard Point in Cornwall, we would recommend the tougher Olearia hedging types.
A per plant discount is available for bulk purchases of Griselinia Green Horizon hedging plants. This discount will be applied in your basket if applicable (begins at 10+ plants).
For 50 5 litre plants see our Green Horizon Pallet Deal, (not currently available) to benefit from UK wide FREE DELIVERY.
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Product Description

Upright growing, Griselinia Green Horizon forms a dense hedge that can be trimmed to 6-8ft (or a height of your choice) and a width of only 60cm / 2ft so it won’t take up a large part of your garden. Even a height of 1-2m / 3-6.5ft can look very neat. Its oval leaves are a darker, glossier green than the standard Griselinia littoralis, which makes it particularly attractive.
It grows 60-90cm / 2-3ft a year if fed with a very good slow release fertiliser like Trevena Cross Fertiliser, with an ultimate height of 6m / 19ft if left untrimmed.
Griselinia Green Horizon hedging plants should be planted 40-90cm / 18 inches-3ft apart from one another – although they can be planted further apart if you do not mind waiting longer for them to form a solid hedge. It forms a neat and compact hedge, or solitary, can also be used as a specimen plant or topiary piece in the garden.
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