//Cornish Wall Selection – 6 Packs
  • Purple Delosperma Suntropics Flower - Trevena Cross
  • Osteospermum - Cornish Wall plants, opening the garden centre, Trevena Cross
  • Erigeron Sea Breeze - Trevena Cross
  • perennial mesembryanthemum - Trevena Cross
  • Purple Delosperma Suntropics - Trevena Cross
  • Cornish Wall plants, yellow flower - Trevena Cross
  • Erigeron Profusion - Trevena Cross

Cornish Wall Selection – 6 Packs


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PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for delivery to a TR postcode (in Cornwall, exc. Isles of Scilly) only.

Enjoy a mixed selection of plants perfect for planting on a Cornish Wall, or under similar conditions, where you need drought tolerance through the summer. These plants offer some good spread/coverage, profuse flowering, not too much height, and a plant that is able to thrive on or in a wall. Many are also hardy, withstanding cold temperatures well.  A whole range of alpine type plants suit such a location, and particular plants that form part of our Cornish Wall collection include many varieties of Osteospermum, Perennial Mesembryanthemum, Armeria (Sea Pinks) and Erigeron (among others).

Your six specially selected packs could form any combination. The packs you receive will be chosen based on what is ‘ready’ and current availability, but we will aim to supply a mixed selection (unless requested otherwise).

Out of stock

Product Description

TOP TIP – Be sure to start with a weed free wall/area before planting, and although plants will show good drought tolerance once established, the wall should be kept well watered and plants given a decent water supply while establishing, especially through prolonged dry periods. If an automatic irrigation system isn’t an option, why not try a hosepipe with holes in to lay along the wall? – A quick blast of water will simply roll off the wall and will not penetrate to where the moisture is needed.