BT*, DD*, PH1 – PH50, AB10 – AB40+, PH5 – PH13, PH15 – PH44, PH49 – PH50, IV1 – IV36, IV40 – IV56, IV63, KW1 – KW17, PO30 – PO41, IM*, KA27, KA28, PA20 – PA38, PA41 – PA80, GY1 – GY8, GY9 – GY10 (ALDERNEY & SARK), JE*, HS*, ZE*, DUBLIN, EIRE, ISLE OF WIGHT

A multitude of plant families fall under this enormously broad umbrella. Distinguished from trees generally by their smaller height and multiple stems, shrubs take on a vast array of shapes and forms, and can be evergreen or deciduous. We have an enormous range of shrubs, the majority of which are grown on site in our independent 32 acre nursery.

Only a few can be found in our online shop, due to constantly changing stock levels, but to browse our complete range, pay us a visit in person and ‘experience’ Trevena Cross at its best!

  • Sale! 4 for £20 2ltr shrubs - Trevena Cross
    4 for £20 Enjoy a selection of four highly recommended shrubs grown right here on our nursery. A lovely 2ltr size, very affordable but also well established and ready to grow on to a bigger size in your own garden. Great in beds and borders, or large pots - all hardy and with plenty to offer varied landscapes. You will receive a selection chosen at random, depending on availability. A few examples include Corokia, Euonymus, Hypericum, Pittosporum, Prostanthera and Santolina.
  • Prostanthera rotundifolia Rosea
    Out of Stock
    Also known as the Australian Mint Bush, this bushy, evergreen shrub has strongly mint-scented dark green leaves and an abundance of pretty pale rose pink flowers (darker at the centre) through a long flowering season in late spring-early summer. It can grow up to 2.5m in the right conditions, with a spread of around 1.5m after a number of years. It should be grown in a sunny sheltered position in a moist but well drained soil.
  • Pittosporum Tom Thumb
    Out of Stock
    Pittosporum tenuifolium Tom Thumb is a compact, rounded shrub with attractive small, dark purple leaves, which contrasts strikingly with its light green young growth. Grown for its foliage, its slow growing nature suits a smaller space (ultimate height and spread only up to 1m). It should be grown in a sheltered spot in full sun or part shade, in a moist but well drained soil.
  • Hypericum Hidcote yellow flowerHypericum Hidcote at Trevena Cross
    Out of Stock
    Also known as St John's Wort, Hypericum Hidcote is a reliable grower, bearing masses of golden yellow flowers (around 5cm in diameter) through summer and into autumn. Its dense and bushy habit (1.5m height and spread) makes it perfect in a border with other shrubs or a mixed border with perennials. It grows well in moist but well drained soil, in full sun or partial shade, ideally somewhere sheltered, protected from cold, drying winds. It is also attractive to bees - an added bonus!
  • Corokia x virgata Sunsplash foliageCorokia x virgata Sunsplash - Trevena Cross
    Out of Stock
    Corokia x virgata Sunsplash (1.2-1.5m height and spread) is part of our coastal plant collection and it is a great one for seaside planting - tolerating salt laden winds well. It is evergreen for year round interest, with green-yellow and cream variegated foliage, sometimes flushed orange, and small star shaped yellow flowers in spring, followed by shiny orange-red berries in autumn. It works well as a low hedge, due to its compact, upright growing habit too. Enjoys a well drained, fertile soil in a sunny, ideally sheltered position.
  • Corokia Geenty's Ghost foliageCorokia Geenty's Ghost hedging plant
    Available in a 4 litre pot. Corokia Geenty's Ghost is a tough evergreen shrub from New Zealand with silvery grey foliage and small yellow flowers in the spring, which are followed by red-orange berries. It is a great one for coastal planting, withstanding salt-laden winds well, and also makes a cracking hedge in locations prone to wind. Its compact habit means it can be trimmed to a neat  shape, naturally only reaching around 1-2m high and around 1m wide - therefore also making it a great pick for smaller gardens. It thrives in a well drained soil in a sunny, or partially shady position. Feeding with a decent fertiliser during the growing season will encourage the nice dense growth required of the 'perfect hedge'! A per plant discount is available for bulk purchases of Corokia Geentys Ghost hedging plants. This discount will be applied in your basket if applicable (begins at 10+ plants).