Available in a 2 litre pot. This 'box honeysuckle' is possibly the best box substitute, compact growing with evergreen tiny dark green, glossy leaves, perfect for a uniform, low hedge (up to 1m tall), or for topiary. Once established it will display tiny white, mildly scented flowers in spring followed by small purple-black fruit later in the year. It should be grown in sun to partial shade in a well drained soil and is hardy to -12 degrees C. It doesn't like very wet soil. Great for topiary because it grows in a naturally neat, rounded shape that is easy to prune. Pruning encourages it to grow more densely, and it is actually quite a quick grower in a lighter soil, perfect if you're after a quick low border or hedge. It can also sit nicely in a large pot if you want a focal point as a specimen plant pruned to your desired shape. A per plant discount is available for bulk purchases of Lonicera Scoop hedging plants. This discount will be applied in your basket if applicable (begins at 10+ plants).