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  • Sale! 4 for £20 2ltr shrubs - Trevena Cross
    4 for £20 Enjoy a selection of four highly recommended shrubs grown right here on our nursery. A lovely 2ltr size, very affordable but also well established and ready to grow on to a bigger size in your own garden. Great in beds and borders, or large pots - all hardy and with plenty to offer varied landscapes. You will receive a selection chosen at random, depending on availability. A few examples include Corokia, Euonymus, Hypericum, Pittosporum, Prostanthera and Santolina.
  • succulent selection - Echeverias
    Out of Stock
    Receive a selection of Echeverias in this special succulent top pick! Varieties will be chosen at random and will vary depending on availability but we'll aim to provide you with a mixed selection. Echeverias are succulent, evergreens from South America, with attractive rosette forming foliage. Ideal in a warm position, they grow well in troughs, pots and containers inside or outside on a sunny patio - just be sure to protect from the cold/frosts when combined with 'wet weather' as these plants thrive in drought-like conditions once established, originating from hot, sunny climes!
  • Out of Stock
    2 litre pot Trachycarpus fortunei – these magnificent palms have to be seen to be believed! They’ve got the Wow Factor! Available to buy online here in a two litre pot, but in a wide range of sizes at the garden centre, they will fit perfectly in your courtyard or garden space. Simply buy the height you need as they are slow growing. The hardiest palm available, they can withstand temperatures down to an extreme -18 degrees centigrade! Also known as the Chusan Palm the Fortunei provides an instant sub-tropical feel to any space.
  • Out of Stock
    Woodwardia orientalis - A stunning evergreen fern from Asia with large fronds, excellent for creating that sub-tropical look. Height 0.6- 1.5 metres with a spread of 1.5-2 metres. Plant in moisture retentive but free draining soil in a sheltered spot. Hardy to about minus 5°C. Pictures are for guidance only. Our online shopping Terms & Conditions (postage and returns) can be viewed here: /online-shopping-terms-conditions/