We’re well into spring now, almost coming out the other side with a head dive straight into summer. May bank holidays have passed us by and June is within touching distance.

It should all still be going on at your local nursery or garden centre however – vibrant splashes of colour are certainly splashing more vigorously than any of us have seen in a long time here at Trevena Cross!

With patio plants draped over benches, bedding plants neatly jam packed on trolleys and hundreds of perennials bursting with every colour of the rainbow, it really is a spectacular sight to behold… and that’s coming from someone who sees it many days of the week!

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking now, but here’s a little nudge….a little tempt….a little inspiration if you’re yet to add some wonderful summer colour into your own garden!…

Perennial Arctotis Hayley  Colourful alpine bench

Patio Plants - Petunias   Surfinia and Petunia bench

Undercover at Trevena Cross Nurseries  Hanging Baskets

Baskets and Pots  Dahlia Dreamy Nights perennial

Marigold bedding packs  Erysimum Sunburst