In an increasingly competitive retailer world where it sometimes feels as though you can’t get out of the starting blocks without a giant budget, a loud voice and a high profile, we still continue to strive for what we’ve always strived for as an independent family-run Cornish nursery: being able to offer a diverse range of high quality plants along with local, friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

Most of the time we’re pretty confident we’re doing a good job but there’s nothing like reassurance from a loyal customer, and we’re extremely grateful to Giles and Debbie for taking the time to share the below with us, which includes a range of pictures from their garden first, followed by a lovely testimonial which we have to admit, had us blushing just a little…

Praise Indeed 

Customer garden with Trevena Cross plants  Customer garden containing Trevena Cross plants

Red dragon snaps with salvia  Bed of succulent type plants

Decking in the garden

“Well that’s a few pics of my garden. I’ve used Trevena Cross for over 10 years, and have a real love for this garden centre, or as I see it, a proper nursery! My wife and I are full time landscape-gardeners and have been in business for 20 years. (Garden Design).

I can truly say, it’s been the best place for plants hands down. They always have what we need and more! We’re always impressed with the prices and variety of a broad range of plants with the more unusual, “hardy- exotic” too.

My pictures show many of the plants we’ve bought for our new garden in Trevone Bay Padstow. We moved in a year ago today, and since then we’ve slowly added a collection of unusual and interesting plants, most of them, from Trevena Cross Nursery. I wanted to show my appreciation for a fantastic place and would recommend them to anyone who wants to start a new garden or just simply wants to add something unusual to their garden… Keep up the good work!

 See you soon Giles and Debbie Wilson”

We’re not big ‘boasters’ by nature, but we hope that if even a proportion of our customers can come away feeling the way Giles and Debbie do about us, then we’re on the right tracks…