As we strive to make room for more summer colour, we’re on a mission to give a wide range of pots and baskets (different sizes and colours available) new homes! 

Pots & Baskets - SALE 2021

Nothing symbolizes summer and encapsulates magical colour all in one place, better than patio pots and baskets. The simplicity of positioning it on the patio or hanging it from a garden structure, means you can achieve maximum impact with minimal effort! As summer progresses we have plenty of ‘instant’ planters and baskets to make your life easier – simply pop on the patio or hang up and enjoy for the remainder of summer and through the autumn. If temperatures are kind, it will be possible to enjoy your pot or basket right up until Christmas or beyond!

We have a couple of ready planted pot sizes, and basket sizes, all containing a range of wonderful patio colour, all grown on site and carefully planned and planted up by our nursery team. A combination of upright and trailing varieties used in the pots/baskets, provides good height and also attractive cascading colour and foliage, which spills over the pots and baskets, for wonderful interest!

Pots: We have the £15 pot/planter (now £7.50) and show stopping £20 pot/planter (now £10). Both have the ‘wow factor’ and will certainly create a statement on a sunny patio! (We also have some lovely £10 Argyranthemum pots left (now £5), that provide a very affordable option for patio colour).

Baskets (hanging): We have the £15 hanging basket (now £7.50) and HUGE £30 hanging basket (now £15) for a stunning ‘hanging’ statement (We also have a high impact £10 plastic hanging tub (now £5) (not wire basket) that provides a very affordable option).

Pots & Baskets 2021 - Trevena Cross