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Trevena Cross has grown hardy hedging plants on a big scale, for many years, and as a business constantly planning for the future, it has set the wheels in motion to grow a consistent plentiful supply of many different hedging types in its nursery – competing better than ever before with the well known online hedging specialists when it comes to hedging stocks, both in terms of quantity but also the value for money it can offer customers.

Outside hedging bay in nursery

Why dedicate even more precious nursery space to thousands more hedging plants, on top of the thousands it already grows on outside beds every year? Well hedging is, or can be, the foundation of every garden. It is a perfect way to bring structure and background colour to a garden, whilst carrying out a very important function – creating a barrier/screen and in most cases privacy from neighbours.

Trevena Cross can supply a hedge for the smallest of gardens or the biggest of estates, wherever they may be situated. Due to where we’re located, our hedging is hardy, and able to withstand salt-laden winds characteristic of the coast. It’s hardiness means it also copes admirably with any potentially colder inland position – making it all round fantastic hedging for every garden in every location.

The hedging we grow is based on our own experience of what makes a truly great hedge. As well as being well-acclimatised, the hedging Trevena Cross grows has other appealing characteristics – such as good growth habit, great disease resistance, and an attractive look.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: We don’t believe the height of our hedging plants to be of huge importance when we make them available for sale. In fact we trim all of our hedging plants several times a year to promote a bushy plant, that will be ready to form a decent hedge right away. Height isn’t everything – while a 2 litre plant could easily be 1m tall without trimming, this ‘leggy’ specimen wouldn’t be the kind of plant that you want for a hedge. A trimmed one with multiple shoots, will establish as a hedge much more quickly, and we therefore believe shape and bushiness to be real signs of quality, rather than current plant height.

Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus Elaeagnus Compacta hedge 2ltr Griselinia plants

We grow what we know to be good and what we have grown as hedges ourselves on the Trevena Cross nursery site, and in our own gardens. Decades ago the nursery site was a completely blank canvas. Everything planted on it has been grown by Trevena Cross Owner, Graham – every tree and hedge that the 35 acre site now boasts was grown from scratch, with some now standing in excess of 20ft tall, (and that’s with annual pruning!) Needless to say, any advice you need re. growing your perfect hedge, is also on hand right here at Trevena Cross.

Buy Trevena Cross hedging plants online now.