Coastal Plants

Our huge collection of coastal plants, i.e. plants suitable for coastal planting, is one of the notable features that really stands Trevena Cross apart from other garden centres, not just in Cornwall but in the south-west generally. Located so close to the sea, coastal conditions have been genuinely important considerations for the nursery during it’s own on-site growing operation over the many, many years it has successfully been in business. As a result, Trevena Cross has a wealth of experience to share with other growers located in a coastal position, whether that be right on an exposed cliff edge, or several hundred metres back from the sea in a sheltered inlet!

Typically ‘coastal conditions’ can be identified as poor, sandy soils, and usually free draining due to being light and sandy rather than heavy and water retentive. Above average winds are also commonplace – some harsh and usually salt-laden due to blowing in off the Atlantic.

Rather than viewing such conditions as restrictive though, they can instead highlight new opportunities to grow a wonderful selection of coastal plants that cannot be grown elsewhere. Generally offering up a warmer/milder, less frost-prone location than more inland positions, the coast can also provide the chance to step into a subtropical world and create a little bit of the Mediterranean….or perhaps the desert…or somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere!

Where winds really are an issue, it’s a very good idea to invest in some great resilient screening to help create some protection and generate micro-climates in which a whole range of coastal plants that couldn’t otherwise be grown, can be grown.

Hedging/Screening Ideas:

  • Elaeagnus Compacta
  • Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus
  • Griselinia littoralis
  • Olearia Laxifolia
  • Olearia traversii
  • Pseudosasa japonica

Plant ideas for coastal planting:

  • Succulents like Agaves, Aeoniums, Aloes, Furcraea
  • Cacti
  • Palms/Palm or Grass-like plants like Butias, Carex, Cordylines, Cortaderia, Restios, Yuccas
  • Phormiums, in particular the plain rather than variegated varieties, for wind tolerance
  • Restios like Elegia tectorum and Rhodocoma capensis
  • Lophomyrtus varieties
  • Trees and shrubs like Astelias, Banksias, Berberis, Ceanothus, Cistus, Corokias, Euryops, Hebes, Hydrangeas, Lavender, Leptospermums, Libertia, Metrosideros, Olearia, Pelargoniums, Proteas, Pseudopanax and Rosemary

A more comprehensive list of coastal plant ideas and more information about coastal planting in general, can be found in our FREE Coastal Gardening guide, available to pick up in the shop, or online here. Or pop along and have a chat with one of our resident plant experts about your coastal situation and plant requirements, we’re always happy to help!